Why should you get a bulldog?


10 good reasons for choosing a French bulldog as pet

  1. The Frenchie is a typical ‘company pet’ as they say in French ‘chien de compagnie’. If you care for company, not just a presence, but real company, this is your dog !
  2. The Frenchie is adaptable. He will faithfully follow the shape and rhythm of life of HIS family. With an elderly person, rather sedentary, the bullie will become a stay-at-home, happy to share the same sofa and the same TV show. With children, he will be playful without ever getting tired.
    With rather dynamic people, he will be always enthusiastic for a one-hour walk in the woods.
  3. He is a little clown. You’ll always ever a show going on at home. With a Frenchie, the blues are forbidden. If he feels your sadness, he will come in front of you, with his crumpled little face, his big round eyes, his little pink tongue and his big bat ears of Master Yoda. Who can resist that without a smile?
  4. The Frenchie is a cuddle factory. Never enough caresses, never fed up of tickling, and, wonderful, he purrs out of pleasure, like a cat!
  5. This dog is by no means obsessed with food. Between a cuddle and a biscuit, he will always choose the cuddle. No overweight problems.
  6. He is the ideal playmate for a child because he likes playing but is of a reasonable non-dangerous size. A St Bernard dog too, probably, loves playing, but he may risk knocking down a young kid. The Frenchie will be gentle when playing with a small kid and his enthusiasm will be limitless when playing football with a teen-ager.
  7. He is a sort of cat! He hardly barks, respects the sleep of his masters and comes with pleasure on your lap.
  8. He is extremely attentive of his master. He constantly tries to please him.
    By the way, a French bulldog does not obey. He pleases you! It is not the same thing. If you wish an obedient machine, better get yourself a sheepdog.
  9. If you made sure to speak to him since he was a puppy, the Frenchie will understand the human language. To your bulldog you can really speak, he will listen and understand.
    A common expression about dogs is: ‘if they could only speak’. The Frenchie is not at a loss for words. He does not need words. His expressions, funny faces, his body language are definitely enough to have a dialogue!
  10. With a French bulldog, you’ll have everything in one: a big dog that does not take room. Small in size but big in his head. Isn’t he categorized as ‘small sized molossus’?


5 good reasons for NOT choosing a French bulldog

  1.  If you are a mad jogger, bored to run alone and looking for a mate.
    The flat nose of the Frenchie does not allow for good oxygenation. He is able of sprints, but he is not a marathon runner. He would die.
  2. If you intend to expatriate somewhere under the Tropics and maybe a Frenchie would remind you of Europe. See (1). His flat nose does not allow for hot climate. He would die of a heat stroke.
  3. If you are a workaholic, in the office 12 hours a day and wishing a dog to welcome you home at 9 p.m. in the evening. Very few dogs would be happy with such a way of life, but the Frenchie less than any other. The bullie is a company pet. He can give you all the company you may need, but he also needs himself your company. Get yourself a cat. A Frenchie would enter depression and let himself die.
  4. If you are a champion swimmer and would love to play water polo with your dog. Rather get yourself a lab, a golden retriever or a Newfoundland dog. Seldom among dogs, the little Frenchie does not know how to swim. He would sink and die.
  5. If you deeply detest anyone snoring, belching and/or farting aloud in your immediate surroundings…well… then…The French bulldog has only 3 defects and precisely…well!!


As a conclusion, let’s be clear: the French bulldog is NOT a retriever hunting dog and he will never bring you back a pheasant – a ball, yes, a pheasant, no -, the French bulldog is not a sheepdog, he will never bring the sheep to the corral and the French bulldog is not a watchdog. He likes mankind too much for that, included burglars.