bulldogSo, you think of offering yourself the unique and marvellous friendship of a little French bulldog? You won’t be disappointed.
And, I must say, as master of a French bulldog, you won’t be in bad company!
Indeed, The Frenchie is a typical example of social ascension anyway because the last one of the Parisian bad-boys left the dregs of Belleville and its hooligans for the brothels and finally the Parisian literary salons where he became in great demand among the Paris VIPs.
(Text extracted from a non-signed article of the magazine TOP Dog, July-August 2003).

Yes, the French ‘bouledogue’ was the favourite pet of the writers Colette and Mac Orlan, the painter Toulouse-Lautrec, the singer Mistinguett, of King Edouard VII , and closer to us, of Coluche and Yves St Laurent.
Mac Orlan said about him: Dogs look very different to me according to their breed: the bouledogue, the small French bulldog is a dog, if you like, but he is rather what we would call somebody
This is similar to what Colette used to say : ’I have a few cats, 3 dogs and one bouledogue.
Colette is the one who best talked about him, and with greatest love. She describes him like this: Charmaning black angel, square toad, the forehead of a thinker, a sausage with legs, a face of a sentimental murderer, my love, my treasure! Aged 5, he still keeps a soul of a child where all is purity, even lies. His heart of cardiac bull is constantly on the verge of bursting, but it doesn’t. He sighs mysteriously like his brother, the toad, that other brindle flat face with beautiful eyes.
She gave her bulldog the name of ‘nice little toad’ and also wrote about them: The Frenchie loves in the purest meaning of the verb only one animal breed, the human race.

Tobi-chien, the main character of her novel “Stories of beasts” was a French bulldog and she made him say (among other) :
Here you are ! At last! At last! I am so bored without you ! If you want to take me with you, everywhere and always… I will follow you, happy, my fervent nose flush with your short skirt.
This is the most delicious and most exact description of the little French bulldog. A company pet passionately in love with the human kind.